Chapter 18Mature

Rushing through a shower, Alex cleaned up the mass of fur and got himself dressed again. Bailey had since come back inside, letting him clean up the carcass without interruptions.

Despite eating at least half of it not even two hours ago, the sight of it made his heart tremble. This was what he was capable of doing as a werewolf? He flashed back to the doe for a second before stuffing the carcass into the trashbag. The smell of blood didn’t weaken as he did so, making him hurry with the severed head. It wasn’t until he deposited the bag in the garbage by the street that he started feeling better.

The evidence was gone. No one would know what had happened aside from him.

Once back inside, now feeling a bit hungry, Alex fixed a ham sandwich and a glass of milk, adding more meat than he normally did. Sitting on the floor of the kitchen as he ate, he heard Bailey’s claws clicking on the tile. His head was up high at first, and then lowered a bit when he saw his owner.

“C’mere, boy.” Alex said, tapping his leg a few times. Bailey seemed unsure at first, but obeyed the order. He soon sat at attention nearby, close enough to let Alex rub his head and ears. “Yeah. Good boy. Didn’t mean to be nasty, but you’re not supposed to eat dead things.” Bailey looked away briefly, and then back at him. Suspecting he was interested in his sandwich, Alex slipped him a few pieces of ham.

Arriving to his first class a few minutes late, both of them were soon over. Some of the soreness from the reverse shift had started to subside by that time as well. Enough so that he felt comfortable riding his skateboard around campus.

On the way to the parking lot, Alex set himself up for a grind on one of the stone risers he passed. Ollieing just as he came close, he maneuvered the board to land on the truck. Holding his legs in place, he heard the metal of the truck grind against the stone as he went.

Preparing to exit the trick, Alex felt his board snag part of the riser. The sudden stop threw him forwards, after he stumbled on trying to catch himself. He felt one knee hit the pavement first, his jeans taking most of the hit. His arms were next and not so lucky as he tried to stop his fall. The pavement scrapped one of them, as well as one of his palms.

Feeling like sandpaper had been run over his skin in spots, Alex sat up and rubbed the wounds, shaking a bit.

The End

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