Chapter 18Mature

Shaking his head, Alex stepped away. The idea didn’t feel too awful, but he had no plans to keep the carcass around. He didn’t have to mark it like it belonged to him. Trembling a bit, he returned to his room to try getting himself to change back.

He set himself down on his bed, his body lying limp to feel the most relaxed. Closing his eyes, the first thing that came to mind was his reverse shift from the week before. How he had felt during it and what he felt afterward. Overwhelming relief and a lot of pleasure.

The image of his recent kill came next. How good it had felt to once again catch live prey. His muzzle cracked a smile as he went over the memory of taking down the raccoon. Snatching it off the fence and indulging in how it tasted.

His chest then felt a jolt run through it, causing him to grab at his pelt there. As he gripped his fur, he could feel the claws on his fingers retracting. The skin and tendons there wrapped around the shifting claws as they turned back into the bones of his fingers, leaving the tips numb.

In the silence of the room, Alex could hear more of his bones, if not his muscles as well, making cricking and crunching noises. Moving his limbs around some to cover for the pain he was sure to feel soon, the claws in his hind paws retracted.

His muscles were still tense at that point and it wasn’t long before they felt like they were crushed, making Alex curl up and whine in pain. The bones in his skull snapped and cracked as his fangs retracted and his jawline reformed from his muzzle pushing back into his human jaw, making him cover part of his face with his paws. His eyes welled up with tears from the pain, even as he tried to hold them back. He had done this before; he could do it again.

Hearing his breathing getting faster, he pulled himself off his bed and onto his feet. His legs were still in their digitigrade shape but he hurried to the bathroom to let the remainder of the transformation play out. Along the way, he could hear his legs start to crick and tremble a bit.

He made it inside and to the floor only seconds before his legs started their transformation back into his regular human legs.

With his pads gone, the tile floor felt far colder. As his fur started to drop off, the same applied to his skin thanks to the AC, making him shiver a bit. Feeling a jolt run up his spine as his tail shrank back, his ears changed their shapes along with his paws. The reverse shift finally ended with the rest of his skull and jaw reforming into their human shapes, leaving him sore, gleeful and exhausted all at once.

The End

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