Chapter 18 - AftermathMature

Thursday, September 21st, 2011

Moon Phase – Last Quarter


With a glass of water in hand, Alex returned to his room to wait for his folks to leave. Even with as good as he felt at the time, knowing his folks were still there made him uneasy about changing back. Taking a few sips of the water with the straws he had, the liquid removed some of the aftertaste of iron on his tongue, fangs and teeth.

As 7:30 came around, he heard his father leaving the house, locking the door as he did so. Before he could entertain the idea of shifting back, he heard Bailey walking to the door leading to the backyard. Following him into his parent’s room, his dog stepped away from him until the door was open.

Remembering the carcass as he caught the scent of raccoon fur in the breeze, Alex had a feeling Bailey would track it down. Within seconds of him being outside, his muzzle was in the air, looking for a scent. His dog wandered around the patio for a bit before going into the grass.

As he stood at the door, remembering the night before while watching Bailey roam around, Alex felt a bit more comfortable about going outside with him. Dropping to all fours and stepping outside, he heard no one else nearby. Bailey noticed him coming and looked in his direction, but didn’t make any noises at him; he was too interested in something else.

When he stopped at the spot where Alex had been eating the raccoon, and began sniffing the grass, he knew his intuition was right. His pet eventually found the area where he had stashed the carcass and became interested in trying to get at it, scratching at the fence and gate.

Refraining from running up to his dog, Alex gave him a stern “No” when he came close enough. His loud, growl-laced voice shook him at the same time it did Bailey, who was both scared and confused from how his body was positioned. “You don’t eat dead animals. Go inside.”

Bailey, with his tail tucked and his ears back, slunk away from him. He avoided the house, instead going into the yard to relieve himself. Although he didn’t like how his pet reacted to his scolding, it had to be done.

Looking at the spot where he had stashed the carcass, Alex then felt his nerves shiver. Both because of what he was feeling and what he was thinking. If he marked the carcass with his scent, Bailey wouldn’t touch it, and his bladder seemed to agree.

The End

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