Chapter 17Mature

Jumping a bit at how close that sounded, he saw the raccoon take off towards the yard. A chill ran through his nerves as he started running. He couldn’t lose this animal. Alex was soon lost in a sprint and started gaining on the raccoon, hoping the fence would slow it down.

As it reached the fence and bounded towards it, Alex saw his opening and reached out with both his paws. The first grab missed, only sweeping at the tip of its tail. The second didn’t, and his claws sank into the animal’s chest, stopping it on the spot.

The animal hissed and cried out in pain, making Alex panic. He yanked it from the fence, its claws scrapping loudly against the wood, and wrapped his paw around the animal’s face. The screeching stopped, replaced by a muffled squealing. His heart already pounding rapidly, Alex listened for any voices. From his parents or anyone else.

He heard none.

The raccoon then started scratching at his paws. Its claws barely sliced his skin, but he could feel his grip loosening from it squirming around so much. The paw over its face loosened for a second to retighten, but the raccoon went on the attack. Biting into the flesh of his paw.

Letting out a dull snarl of pain, Alex pulled the raccoon off him and tightened his grip on it. Again sealing its mouth. Listening again, he heard nothing. Opening his jaws, his fangs closed around its head, the raccoon’s squeals now piercing to his ears. He hesitated, but only for a second.

With a bite, a swift tug and a pop, he ripped the head off of his catch, letting it fall from his mouth as the carcass went limp in his paws and no more sounds were made. He felt nauseous for a second afterwards. He’d done it again. Killed an innocent animal.

Licking his teeth, he could already taste blood on them. The animal might have been small and not as satisfying to take down as the doe was, but the deed was done. All that was left was his chance to feed. Something he wasted no time in doing.

The taste of fresh meat and muscle in his mouth, even if the fur he got wasn’t pleasant to taste, was pleasing. Trying to avoid any bones as well, he got as much of the animal as he could, his ears perked to listen for any other sounds. He still didn’t hear his name, or anything else beyond maybe a single voice.

As he fed, the clawing hunger slowly went away, leaving his body far more at ease. Licking his lips as he finished, he tucked the carcass away in a corner of the yard, along with the severed head. Checking to make sure it was well hidden, he made his way back inside. Taking a minute to wash all traces of blood off his fur, he returned to the kitchen amidst a sea of coffee scents.

His folks didn’t ask him anything, much to his relief. Despite them still looking unnerved at seeing him as a werewolf, he had to smile to himself. While his old feelings of sadness tried to come up, they were overpowered by his relief of dodging a worst case scenario.

The End

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