Chapter 17Mature

Trying to remain calm, Alex returned to reading the magazine from before, hoping his father would just let him be. His hope was granted as he heard his footsteps go by the door.

With their room now empty, he had his best shot at getting outside and getting away from them until this was past. His door made no noise as he opened it. Exactly what he was hoping to happen. Creeping over to their door as his folks started talking over morning coffee, he started turning the knob. Listening to be sure they hadn’t heard him, the house once again went silent where before they had been talking.

It lasted for several seconds. A terrible sign, which made him pick up the pace.

Opening their door, Alex was met with a brighter blue sky streaming through the glass door. As he saw the way outside, another thing caught his eye. Just outside the back patio door, wandering around looking for something, was a large raccoon. Flexing his paws, Alex nearly started shaking in excitement.

“Alex?” his father called out. Ignoring that statement, he crept over to the door, gazing outside at the raccoon. It didn’t look overly hungry; just curious. As well as oblivious to his presence. If he could open the door enough without scaring it and catch the animal, he would be covered. If it offered enough meat.

Reaching for the lever of the door, Alex pushed it up as slowly as he could. The lock didn’t click. It squeaked. His paws then began to slide the door open. Sounds of metal against plastic sounded as it did. The raccoon wasn’t interested in the noise and kept walking.

Alex however could smell it as soon as the door was even a hair open. Each inch made him feel more excited. Praising his luck, he soon got the door open wide enough and began to stand up.

“Alex?” said his father again.

The End

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