Chapter 17Mature

No. Stop worrying. Just give it a minute.” Returning to retrieve his things, Alex crept slowly into his room. Bailey was fast asleep on his dog bed but lifted his ears a bit when the backpack set down. Figuring some relaxation would help him, Alex grabbed an issue of Thrasher from his bookshelf. With some light from the moon streaming into the room, he settled down to read one, his eyes doing the job the ceiling lights used to.

With his legs and arms tucked in like a canine would do, his muzzle made it tough to read the pages without tilting his head down and bumping his chin against his necklace and bullet. Or the pages brushing his face. With that old worry not going away, if there was ever a time that he wished, much less knew, silver had some kind of magical effect on werewolves, it was now.

Wait a second. I forced this shift to happen.” Alex pushed the magazine aside. “I should be able to do the opposite as well.” His sudden burst of confidence received a shot in the arm when he realized he still had no idea how to reverse his transformation. Adrenaline had done the trick last time, but what would do it this time?

His first idea was the same as before: that he could force himself to shift back by imagining it. Gripping his paws with his eyes closed, he thought back to the relief he had felt the week before. Taking slow breaths to help the sensation return, his stomach took that moment to start growling. Enough so that he felt it moving against the floor.

The noise, as Alex quickly noticed, got Bailey’s head to rise. His dog locked eyes with him and his ears perked, but to his relief, he didn’t start growling in return. Keeping his muzzle shut, Alex laid his head down and tried again at getting himself to change back.

He stayed in the same position for nearly ten minutes, trying different ideas and ways of thinking to get it to happen. Thinking remaining calm or being excited was part of the process, he imagined going on a photo shoot with Nathan, enjoying a movie with his folks, and eating dinner with his friends. Anything that was calming or what he wished to do as a human.

What should have been something easy, at least in his mind, never seemed to come. His stomach kept interrupting him at random times as well. Sometimes rumbling, and other times gurgling. The second time the latter happened, Bailey woofed at him. He held back from giving his pet a stern ‘No’ in response but soon heard something coming from his parent’s room. His father was groaning, and sounded like he was getting roused.

The End

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