Chapter 17Mature

Although curious to know what the smell was, Alex stopped himself from going towards the road south of the park. From where he was, that was likely the most direct route but the risk of someone seeing was far too great. And then he had no idea how far he was from the source, or even what it was. Feeling held back, he decided to return home for a quick bite to eat before heading back outside again.

The walk home felt more pleasing than last time, and the scent of his dog leaking between the gaps made it even more so. With his ear to the window, he couldn’t hear anything inside beyond some light snoring, prompting him to slide the window open. It made one squeak of metal on metal as it opened, but taking a second to listen as he climbed back inside, the house remained silent. With a smile, the window was closed again and he was off to the kitchen after setting his backpack aside.

While at first interested in having some fruit or a soda, when he remembered the spare burgers he had bought the week before, his choice switched. One would suffice, along with some other condiments. With the warm meat in his paws, he took slow bites to make it last, and was again reminded of how the doe tasted. How natural it was, even bloodied, on his tongue.

Now imagining that he was tearing into live prey again, Alex bit hard into the meat, causing his jaws to snap. The sound was muffled a bit by the ground beef in his mouth, but he was having too good a time acting like he was feeding on something live. His stomach seemed to agree, and it wasn’t long before he had warmed up a second patty for consumption.

As he took his first bite of the second one however, his stomach gave off an odd sensation of clamping up. Like it was shutting out any more food from him. Wrapping the meat up for now, Alex went for some drinks instead. A can of soda and a bit of water. He only got a sip or two before he felt like he couldn’t drink anymore.

Wondering what was going on, Alex at first figured he was truly full on both fronts. But then, he’d never looked at water like it was completely unappealing. He’d only eaten half a pound of food as well. He knew he could eat more, but nothing seemed appealing. Not even what he’d just warmed up.

Just then, Alex felt a shiver run down his spine. This was what he had felt during the last full moon. Nothing he was able to make then looked appealing to him. At least none that he could prepare quickly. Telling himself not to panic, Alex took in some slow breaths to try and calm himself. It wasn’t the full moon tonight. How could he be feeling the same things now?

A sickening thought came to him at that point. Had he done this to himself by forcing the change yesterday? Shaking his head, Alex tried not to think about that. This had to be a reaction to eating something when he was still full. It wasn’t like he hadn’t before felt sudden hunger disappear after eating small portions of food before. But then, he had been human during those times. With a less awkward stomach.

The End

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