Chapter 17Mature

Even with his new build, running on all fours was still awkward. Unless he had been doing it wrong so far. Brushing the thought aside, he started thinking about his friends again. Only two days were left before he would say anything to them. With how his folks had reacted, he started to question his current plan. He was leading them to him by asking all of them over to his house at once. In a way, he was culling them before he made the big reveal.

Alex sighed deeply, his sigh coming out as a rumbling growl. “What am I so worried about? I’m not leading them into a death trap or some bullshit like that.” Even so, the idea of them walking out of the house, or worse, avoiding him after that if they got scared, made his throat knot up a bit. “Just need to go slow. Break them into the idea.

Letting his body lay in the cold grass for a minute, he sniffed at the ground to clear his head. There was a faint trace of wax within the green scent of the blades, and also what smelled like chalk powder. The faint breeze coming in front of him told him hinted at where the scents were coming from.

Getting back on all fours again, he started to follow the trace scents as another breeze blew over his fur. This time it came from his right, making him turn his head slightly. Taking a breath, he picked up an odd scent in the air. It was weak but it made his nose twitch upon picking it up. With another sniff and with his head held high, he looked in the direction of the breeze. It was an east-bound wind, the same direction as his high school but also of the cooking fast food he smelled on the air.

Waiting to see if the same smell would pop up again, he listened for any rustling or sounds nearby. Just in case someone showed up while he was waiting. His head swiveled a bit back and forth for what felt like a minute but the scent soon wasn’t noticeable anymore. The one that was however was the scent of cooking hamburgers from a Burger King.

Licking his jaws, Alex was starting to crave one of those burgers. If not seven or more. The thought of going back home to get a snack quickly came to mind, as long as he didn’t wake his folks up early. Fishing his phone and stylus out of his backpack, the time was 4:37. Still around an hour before his mother would get up to start her day, but his father was the lighter sleeper.

While he sat and debated the idea, another breeze blew past him from the same direction. He caught the scent of burgers again, as well as the one from before. It wasn’t any stronger, but something about it was making him interested in it. Taking as many sniffs as he could before he lost it again, it made his nose twitch and wrinkle each time. As though that scent was rancid in some way.

The End

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