Chapter 17 - Signs of HungerMature

Thursday, September 21st, 2011

Moon Phase – Last Quarter


The following morning, Alex awoke to sounds of deeper breathing and his body still in werewolf form, covered with the quilt he had been laying on. The realization wasn’t as jarring as before but it didn’t make him any less nervous. As soon as he started moving however, his body felt soggy and sticky, and his skin feverishly hot under his fur.

Without the air conditioning on, he took rapid deep breaths to try and cool off as he tossed the quilt off. Each breath helped, with cold air rushing into his lungs each time, but it wasn’t enough. Thankfully, Bailey kept quiet as he left the room, his light footfalls ensuring he wouldn’t wake his folks up.

Once in the kitchen, Alex went for the sink, using his paws under the faucet to make a quick drinking spot. A few laps of water helped relax his shaking before he went for a glass and some straws. The rush of cold water down his throat seemed to flush through his blood vessels as he drank, making him feel like he had an internal cooling system kicking on.

Licking his muzzle dry, he finally noticed what time it was. A few minutes before four in the morning. Wondering why he’d woken up so early, he sat in the kitchen to think. He wasn’t hungry at present. It couldn’t have been that, but he felt eager to stay active as compared to last night. With how dark it was outside, he saw a chance to explore his neighborhood again. Some running around sounded pleasing anyway.

Thinking doing so would help him change back, Alex stuttered on the idea for a second. He imagined himself turning back far from home and having to race back nude. He shivered thinking about it but at the same time he had to smile and laugh quietly at the prospect. That would certainly be amusing, if not something he would probably never live down.

Listening at his parent’s bedroom door for a minute to be sure they were asleep, he went for his room next to grab some spare clothes, just in case this ‘silly’ idea turned into a real occurrence. Emptying his backpack of most his spare skating gear, including his board, he loaded up with a full set of fresh clothes and his shoes. Since his parents had mentioned his phone last night, that was coming with him as well. Taking the device in his paw, Alex set the phone to vibrate only and stuffed it into the backpack.

Sliding the guest room window open as quietly as he could, the temperature outside was warmer than the last time he was out. The calm winds brought up a couple of new scents as well; the most stand out one being the scent of another canine nearby. He couldn’t pinpoint the exact breed, but the undercoat scent was similar to Bailey’s.

Scaling the fence with his backpack in tow, Alex made for his spot across the street after checking for any nearby human scents. The Last Quarter moon above helped to hide him as he crossed the tree line into the wooded area. Taking in the scents of the trees for a second, he set his backpack aside while he thought of some places he could go before the sun rose.

The End

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