Chapter 16Mature

“This certainly explains a few things.” His father said.

“Yeah.” Alex replied, the weights on his chest lifting a bit. For a second, he wondered why his folks were taking this so well but chose not to push the topic. At least not now. If they were starting to come around to this, it gave him hope that his friends would do the same.

Remembering they still had burgers on the grill, Alex brought the subject up to try and break the uneasy feeling in the room, and also to get himself some food. His stomach wasn’t begging to be filled, but with his folks around, he wasn’t about to risk getting overly hungry again.

With the lights in the house off once again, Alex followed his folks outside. The scents on their bodies, in particular their fear scents, began to lose potency as he followed them. Thinking it was being exposed to him so quickly that had made them act so frightened made him feel a bit better.

Pausing at the back door, which was brightly lit by the patio light, the smell of cooked meat was enough to override his fear of being seen. Even with the lessened light, his folks still seemed unsure of what to think of him. Even more so when he had to tear nips of his burger and then attempt to chew them.

He could tell it was disquieting to his folks, seeing his jaws open so wide each time, and eventually said something. “Can’t help it. This kind of jaw is still new to me.”

“You know when you’ll…” his mother stalled on the last part of the sentence, but Alex knew what she was trying to say.

“I don’t know. I stayed like this for almost two days last time.”

“Two days?”

Alex nodded. “I don’t know why it lasted that long.” He refused to bring up his games as a possible reason for it. “I thought it was just a one night thing but it turned into 36 hours.”

“So what caused it this time?” his father asked.

Alex started to feel more guilt sinking in. “I’m guessing adrenaline. I nearly landed on my head skating, and then I imagined shifting again and it happened.”

“So you made it happen yourself?” His father’s tone held a bit of surprise.

“I was trying to see if I was could transform at any time.” Alex said, taking another nip of his burger. Both of his parents looked at him in disbelief. “To make sure I wasn’t caught off guard later.”

“So, for all you know, you could stay like this for another 36 hours?”

The End

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