Chapter 16Mature

“So you…” his father began.

“That’s why Bailey was scratching at the fence. He knew I was there.”

“How long…” his mother finally said, “have you known about this?”

“Since that same night. I saw that thing clear as day, and I was already healing by the time I got back.”

His father put one hand over his forehead. Looking to his wife and then back to Alex, he was the most torn on what was being said. “I don’t believe this.”

“Neither did I when I found out.”

“I don’t mean like that, son.” His tone was getting a bit angrier. “I mean why didn’t you tell us what really happened?”

Alex diverted his view to his mother, trying to think of what to say. His feelings of guilt were starting to surface, but he pushed them back with what he said next. “Because I had no idea what would happen to me back then.” His father didn’t speak, giving him time to push the topic. “I didn’t want to risk anything, or you both thinking I was lying, so…I didn’t tell you anything.”

The room again went silent for a time. His parents were either too scared or too lost in thoughts to talk. “But all those stories about werewolves being raging monsters? Not the case. At least,” Alex held his silver bullet and chain in one paw, “I’m fairly sure that’s not the case.”

It was then Alex noticed that Bailey was flanking him while he stood in front of his father. Even though he didn’t see him doing it, his footfalls on the carpet gave him away. With no idea if the move was intentional, Alex diverted his attention towards his pet, who took a step back with a growl.

“Why is he…” his mother began before Alex cut her off.

“He thinks I’m a threat.” Thinking he could get his pet to relax by using canine postures, Alex dropped to the floor and rolled on his side, lifting his right arm and leg to expose more of himself to Bailey. For a second, it seemed to work. As his pet approached him however, he moved away and took his ‘at attention’ stance in front of his parents. Sighing, Alex got back to his feet.

With his dog now acting like a guard, as he had trained him to do, he didn’t try and move any closer to his folks. Looking back at them, he was out of things to say and let them make the first statement.

The End

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