Chapter 16Mature

“Why? Did you hit him?”

“You know I would never do that, Dad. It’s because…” Alex stopped talking and took the corner of the wall in his left paw. His heart rate went up steadily as well as his breathing rate, before he took his first step around the corner. He could see his father at the ready to round the corner and his mother hanging back near the light switch of the living room.

His werewolf form towered over his folks by at least a foot in both cases, but he could clearly see the expressions they held. Both of them were trying to figure out what he was attempting to show them, despite the moonlight nearby. It didn’t take long for his mother to flip the light switch she was next to, flooding the room with light and making Alex shield his eyes. The pacing of the reveal was broken, and his wolfish body was exposed.

When his eyes adjusted, and his paw left his face, the reactions from his folks were only half of what he expected. His mother was holding a hand over her mouth, looking like she had seen him get shot in front of her. He could almost swear she also took a step back from him. His father however didn’t know what to think and just looked over the giant wolf-man in front of him.

All of them stood in silence for what felt like several minutes, Alex trying to think of something to say and keeping his muzzle closed. His heart was pounding the entire time, not helping matters as he looked over his parents. He tried to muster the courage to speak again, but seeing the shocked and frightened looks from both of them, something began to click with him. They might have been his family, but their expressions from seeing him…

Even though he hadn’t made one move or said one word since the lights came on, they were positioning themselves as if they wanted to avoid him or get him to stay back. His mother hiding her neck, and his father keeping his hand near his belt, close to his service pistol.

It was almost a joy to see and helped clear his head a bit, even if a part of him felt horrible about hiding this for so long.

Taking another breath through his nose, Alex could start to catch whiffs of a scent similar to the one he had picked up before with Nathan. That raw scent which had made his nose twitch before, and there were two this time. Both were floating on the air coming from the hallway, and within one, he could almost pick out a scent of sweat. It didn’t take him long to realize that he was smelling the fear coming from his parents, and had been before as well with Nathan. Something that, until right then, he had always believed was false about canines.

“A werewolf came after me that night.” Alex finally said. As direct as the statement was, beating around the bush now was impossible. His folks still didn’t speak, although his father looked like he was trying to bring himself to. “That lunar calendar you found? I downloaded it because of this.”

The End

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