Chapter 16Mature

Hearing the side door slide open, he got off his bed and moved to in front of the door to his parent’s room. As he did so, his paws wrapped around the doorknob and he pulled against the door. They would not see him until he chose to let them.

Sure enough, when one of them tried to open the door, it didn’t budge against his weight. “OK, why are you keeping the door closed?”

“Because I don’t feel comfortable talking in my room.”

“Then go in the living room.” His father said. “Do something besides hold the door shut.”

Alex nearly facepalmed, but quickly tried to downplay his father’s tone. “Alright. Just give me a minute.”

Turning and running for the kitchen, he turned all of the lights off. Aside from some beams of moonlight coming through the kitchen windows, the house was now pitch black. His nightvision however made sure he could see clearly.

Standing in the kitchen, taking deep breaths through his open maw, he steeled himself as best he could. This was it. He had nowhere to back away to. Instead of walking back to the bedroom, he called for his folks who then opened the door.

“Why did you turn the lights off?” his mother asked as her footsteps came close to exiting the hall.

Alex licked his fangs, his words again stalled in his throat as his folks came closer. Swallowing once before the footsteps left the hall, he spoke, “Don’t come any closer yet.”

Hearing one set of footsteps continue a bit, he suspected his father wasn’t listening. “For what reason? Are you hiding something from us?”

“I just need to say something…before you see me like this.”

“Like this? Did something happen to you?” his mother asked.

“Remember that night I came home without my stuff?” Both of his parents acknowledged that. “I lied about what came after me that night.”

“Is that why you’re getting upset?”

“No. I’m not upset.” Alex said, trying to hide the fact that he was behind his growly voice.

“Then explain why your voice is so different, and why you’re acting this way.”

Instead of replying, Alex prepped himself. There was no combination of words he could think of that would get his point across. At least any that wouldn’t contain werewolf somewhere in the sentences. He would have to show them.

Just then, he heard Bailey’s footsteps coming his way on the carpet and his dog was soon in his line of sight. Upon seeing him, his dog shirked back and growled. The noise drew a brief scolding from his father, but his pet didn’t stop. “He’s got some right to be afraid of me.”

The End

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