Chapter 16Mature

Exhaling loudly, Alex thought about his next move. His desire to reveal this to his parents, just to get it over with, was still strong even with how close he came to being exposed. Like his friends however, he had no idea how they would react to this. Beyond that, how could he convince them it was him in the first place, without scaring them?

Who am I fooling? They’ll get scared.” Alex told himself. For what it was worth in terms of morale, he hoped and prayed instead that their response would not be something wrenching. For himself or them.

Reaching the corner of the garage, he listened one last time to make sure everyone was outside. With the sounds of crickets starting to sound nearby, he trotted over to the front door and reached up to the lever of the door. Pressing it down, a slow click sounded before he pressed his weight against the door. It didn’t stop him from moving. The deadbolt was unlocked.

Slowly, Alex got the door open and went inside, taking in the feeling of safety as he closed it again. The kitchen was the only thing lit in the house at the moment but he had a clear path to his room. All that was left was how to get his folks attention, without making himself look like a burglar.

The first thought that came to mind was a simple wait out. Let them come inside, get settled, and then he would get their attention. In whatever way it took to give him the upper hand.

Despite some reservations about his folks seeing it as him setting up a jump scare, it was one way to engage them on his own terms. Remembering that his bedroom had a few windows that were close to the patio, he considered that idea as well.

His voice was the wildcard in either case. It had deepened so much in this form that they could easily mistake him for someone else. Or think he was playing a prank on them. Either way, he would have to open his muzzle and talk.

The End

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