Chapter 16 - The First TalksMature

Wednesday, September 20th, 2011

Moon Phase – Last Quarter


Backing away more, Alex bumped into his mother’s car thanks to his broadened ribcage and back. Turning his head in shock, he almost smacked his muzzle into the door.

“What’s making that noise?” his mother asked.

“Probably a dog.” Hearing his father tell Bailey to sit and stay, a groan sounded from his pet and the side gate opened. Panic rushing into his head, Alex took the only route he could see. Moving towards the garage, he kept the truck as much between him and where his father was as he could. His footfalls circled the side and back of the truck as Alex continued to move away.

With the sun down, his father pulled out a flashlight and clicked it on. The initial sweep of the beam lit up the garage door, causing him to duck. Looking under the sedan, his father had stopped moving while wielding his flashlight. That only meant one thing.

Turning away, Alex went for the yard, the dice in one clenched paw, and rounded the corner. Running into the grass immediately tipped his father off, and he heard him demand that whatever was there go away because they were not getting any food. 

Awaiting his next move, Alex stayed a good distance from the corner of the garage. Once again, the enticing smell of the burgers was compelling him to stick around, but he tried to stay focused on hearing instead. The flashlight spot continued to sweep around, landing on the bushes nearby but not finding him as its mark. The sounds of more footsteps coming in his direction got him to back off and run for the bushes.

Eyeing a spot where he could run through them, Alex stood up and shoved himself through. Leaves rustled loudly in his ears as twigs and even some large branches broke off of the bush. Now in a darkened part of his neighbor’s yard, Alex dropped back to his chest and let his ears do the tracking work.

He heard more footsteps in the grass as his father’s flashlight swept over the bushes he just ran through. Although wishing he would just give up on the search, Alex knew better. He would have to wait his father out.

Soon, his father’s footfalls in the grass turned back to concrete. Enough of a signal for him to return to his own yard, along with the sound of the gate closing. Sniffing the air and near the ground as he went, he could pick up Bailey’s scent and his father’s. Not his mother’s, even though he hadn’t heard another opening of the back door since Bailey was let out.

The End

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