Chapter 15Mature

“He said he needed money first. A comic store doesn’t pay very much, even with good hours.” Alex rolled his eyes at that, as well as his mother’s following comment that he was afraid to carry and use a gun.

“I doubt it’s that or the cost because I noticed a few new apps on his phone. A lunar calendar for one.”

Alex’s pulse went up a few beats upon hearing that. The calendar was on the first screen of his phone, but then so were a few games and his instant messenger. His father wouldn’t suspect he was up to anything just because of that.

“There aren’t many places to stargaze around here. Maybe that’s why he has it.”

“That’s what I thought too, but every date he marked on that calendar matches up with those animal killings.” Alex’s heart sank when he heard that, even though he figured his father would notice that.

His mother didn’t respond for a minute. “So, what does that mean?”

“That he’s keeping track of what that animal’s doing.”

“So he can keep away from it I’d imagine.”

His father paused. “If that’s true, why didn’t he return our calls while we were away?” Right then, Alex listened as if the next words he heard were coming from the other werewolf.

“Why would you say that?”

“Because three of those killings happened around the full moon.”

Alex nearly uprighted into the engine of the truck hearing that. He hadn’t called them back on the full moon because he was stuck in his were form. His heart pounding against his ribs, he tried to calm himself down. His father wouldn’t draw that conclusion.


“Don’t look at me like that. That’s just what I noticed.” His father stopped talking for a second, but Alex’s heart kept beating rapidly. Every second felt lengthened as he kept listening. Would his dad bring up the fur? Had he noticed his dressings from before but not said anything?

The seconds lengthened more into a full minute, with only small talk now leaving the mouths of his folks. Breathing an uneasy sigh, Alex heard Bailey start to scratch at the glass door.

“Bailey. Silly dog.” As soon as the door slid open, he heard his pet’s claws and tag clinking around. He seemed to be coming in his direction, making Alex back up a step. He heard his dog sniffing between two of the planks of the fence and without pause began whining and scratching at the wood. “Bailey, what is wrong with you tonight?”

Hearing his father getting up and his soles against the pavement, Alex rolled from under the truck, his nose and ears on full alert. As he rolled, the dice bag gave off several clacks from the stone dice, and his bullet made a clinking noise against the pavement. He couldn’t tell if the sounds were loud enough to alert his father, but him pausing on a step gave him reason to believe it had.

The End

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