Chapter 15Mature

Sneaking around the corner, Alex hugged the wall as he went. He was soon at the bay window, and close enough to better smell his parent’s scents, sans Bailey. Going for his father’s Ford, the dialogue from them provided a nice sound mask for his claws clicking on the concrete, and the dice in his now clenched paw.

There was enough space under the truck for him to squeeze underneath, even with his broadened body. The scents of meat and cooking steel were quickly paired with engine oil, starter fluid, and other vehicle scents but it was still calming. Rolling onto his side, Alex let his body fall limp. Some time being near his folks would likely help him ease more into the idea of revealing this to them.

“I think he just forgot his phone. It’s happened before.” said his mother.

“When he was in a rush to get to work.” His father replied, sounding like he was trying to figure something out. “His motorcycle is still here.”

“He couldn’t have gone far. Maybe he just wanted some time to himself?”

Truer than you think.” Alex thought.

“He could’ve turned his phone off for that.” His father stalled for a second. “Maybe it’s nothing, but I‘m still a bit concerned about the way he’s been acting lately.”

“I am too. He has been rather quiet since they found that girl.”

Hearing his folks debate why he was ‘acting the way he was’ made Alex a bit curious. With the idea of whether or not Nathan had figured out what he was still fresh in his head, he had to wonder if the same could be said of his folks. He hadn’t acted out too much around them, but then the way they were speaking didn’t give any clues that they were onto him. Or that they suspected anything.

The conversation rolled into the idea of counseling for a time, Alex putting his paw over his face and grimacing as he heard it. He hadn’t acted so weird or reserved in front of his folks to warrant something like that.

“I don’t know.” His father said. “Counseling only works if he’s willing to talk. I’d rather not push him.”

“If that’s what’s bothering him though, he shouldn’t hold it in.”

“Maybe, but I don’t think that’s all it is.” Hearing that, Alex’s attention was shaken from relaxing and changed to his folks.

“Why? Did he tell you something?”

“No, but when I ask him about the class, he always seems hesitant to tell me he’s ready to do it.”

The End

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