Chapter 15Mature

Does he already know?” His heart pounding in his chest, Alex had to shake his head. How could Nathan possibly figure out that he was a werewolf? Aside from the recent episode of emotion, he hadn’t shown any signs of lycanthropy openly. His scars maybe, but was that enough to tip him off? Had he done anything else that might have done that?

Thinking on things for a minute, he had to question the idea. Just because he found something of his friend’s here didn’t mean he knew anything. At least he hoped. Finding this here couldn’t have been a coincidence; these dice were too valuable. Wondering if he should just put them back, he decided against it. He could return them to Nathan on Saturday.

With the dice clicking inside his clenched paw, more of the evening breezes blew over him, ruffling his fur. Within the scents they carried, he could start to smell cooking ground meat and burning charcoal coming from somewhere close by. The former scent made his mouth water even though he wasn’t too hungry.

With it coming from the same direction as his house, he figured his folks were making some of the burgers he hadn’t gotten around to eating yet. The enticing smells made him imagine sitting down to eat with his folks. Instead of being stuck watching the house from where he was. His old thoughts of revealing what he was to them grew stronger, if only so he could get a bite to eat. “Maybe I should. Just to get it over with.” He thought. With the sun setting by now and the sky giving way to the evening, he could easily get back home without being seen.

Letting the bag’s string handles wrap over one of his fangs, he tried to ignore the scents from it and made his way to the edge of the wooded area. With another few sniffs at the air, he didn’t pick up any other stand out scents. No one was walking around either.

Looking around once more to be sure, Alex’s back legs lifted him slightly to start a run, his front paws hitting the ground within a second of each other. His hips and spine curled, bringing his legs forward. As they came down, some of his claws scrapped against the back of his arms. Grunting a bit, he kept moving, his arms going forward as one of his legs touched the grass. It felt like he was trying to leap a bit with each cycle, making his lungs depress almost on their own each time.

The sensation of having his breathing done for him with each stride was something unreal. Along with how his body was starting to adjust to the movements of the run. His speed was far slower compared to running on two legs, but his body seemed better designed for what he was doing. At least at first. The leaping in each stride, with how huge he was now, didn’t feel completely right. And the dice bag was coming close to hitting him in the nose.

As he made it across the street, Alex ducked close to the edge of the house by the front door. The scent of the cooking meat was stronger now, taunting him almost. Remembering that he had eaten something recently helped keep him from acting like he was starving, but at the same time he couldn’t control the scents in the air. All he could do was enjoy them and try to put forward some more willpower if something got to him.

The End

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