Chapter 15Mature

From where he was, Alex could see his dad stop at the front door and stay there for a minute, his mother appearing soon after along with Bailey. His dog was quick to start sniffing around as a demand from his mother reached his ears.

He began following the same trail that he had halfway down the driveway before he was held back by his father. The order for his pet to sit then came to his ears before he also heard whines, which lead into a bark. Hearing his pet making those noises, Alex wondered if Bailey was trying to warn his folks about him. Or lead them to him.

Keeping his eyes on his pet, unsure if he could see him, he stood ready to flee. Bailey was intent on trying to come his direction, to the point where he was jumping up while his father held on.

“Bailey, sit.” His father said. It took a few seconds and one more saying for the order to register, afterwards he watched his father drag his pet back to the house. A few more whines sounded before they were cut off by the closing of the front door. Breathing a sigh, Alex felt bad for his dog but at least he wouldn’t be disturbed after all.

Letting his head swivel, he wondered what else he could find in terms of scents around the place. Something here had to be new. Starting from a collection of brush nearby, it didn’t take long for him to find something that caught his interest.

Sniffing around a set of branches, Alex detected a scent of leather and polyester nearby. New ones by the makeup of them. Keeping his muzzle away as he searched, the object in question was a leather bag. Picking it up, it felt like it had something inside. Emptying the contents into his paw, they were a set of stone carved role-playing dice.

Oh, you’ve got to be kidding me.” Alex thought as his muzzle again cracked a smile. He had heard stories of people role-playing in nature settings from Nathan but this was a definite first. And a nice find to boot. As he held the bag, he could pick up a number of scents on it that seemed human, but that he couldn’t quite place. One of them, as he sniffed the bag, started to stand out. It was weak but it seemed like Nathan’s scent.

With a few more sniffs to be sure he wasn’t making a mistake, Alex took a minute to look around. There was no one around and the same scents were nowhere nearby. But then, these dice weren’t cheap. No one in their right mind would leave them in a place like this.

Looking at the brush pile he found the bag in, his head swirled with questions. Why was he finding something of Nathan’s in this location? Much less something this valuable? Or in something that looked like…a deliberate pile.

The End

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