Chapter 15Mature

“Bailey.” When his dog heard his name, his head lifted back up for a second. His pulse didn’t raise, giving Alex some hope that he was starting to grow used to him. Still on all fours, he tucked his arms like he was trying to lie down and spoke again. “It’s still me, boy.” Bailey didn’t budge and instead tilted his head to the side a bit.

Hearing his new growl-laced voice again, Alex had to smile a bit out of sheer frivolity. This long muzzle of his still allowed him to talk? Of all the things that he could still do in this form, this had to be the most outlandish of them. Although not unwelcome in this situation.

Looking over to his XBOX, he wondered if playing a few games would help him ease back into his human form. He quickly dismissed the idea however because of how much he wanted to move around instead of sit and wait this out like last time. Thinking back to the night before he changed back, he had burned a bit of energy taking down the doe and went to sleep on a full stomach that night. If he had to do the same again tonight…

The idea wasn’t as unnerving as the first time. In some ways, he was interested to try it again and see if he could successfully hunt free running prey. A smaller animal would work if he could get at one. Letting a lick of his jaws get through, Alex had to remind himself again that he had bought extra food exactly for that reason. So that he didn’t have to kill and eat animals.

What he really wanted was to go outside and explore some more. With the sun out, he was running the risk of someone seeing him if he did. Wondering what his folks would think if they saw him like this, the fear of someone else seeing him seemed less nerve wracking. How would anyone know it was him under this fur unless he told them?

Feeling his necklace and silver bullet made him worry that someone would recognize him if they saw that. Gripping the object in his padded fingers, he went back to thinking about what to do to make himself change back.

As the minutes ticked by, Alex started to grow more worried. The feelings culminating by the time the clock struck 4:20. By that point, he was trying to relax by playing fetch with Bailey, his ears perked and listening for anything that sounded like a car nearby or in the driveway. More than that, he was starting to feel like an idiot for forcing this with so little time to spare to himself.

With only a slight idea of where to escape to if he couldn’t change back, Alex double checked the guest room window, which he’d left unlocked, as well as one of his closets. He tossed out the idea of it as a hiding place, even though he fit inside with just enough room. He didn’t want to risk his folks finding him like this, or in mid transformation.

The End

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