Chapter 15 - Do They Know?Mature

Wednesday, September 20th, 2011

Moon Phase – Last Quarter


Pulling himself onto his paws using the carpet, and then his bedframe, Alex had to smile through his muzzle. He had achieved what he had set out to do. His muscles weren’t as sore nor his skin as tingly as they were after his first shift, but he still felt soggy and his bones were aching like crazy. His muzzle, hind paws, and hips the most.

Taking a sniff of the air around him, he could catch some of Bailey’ scent from the AC coming under the door. Hoping that would help his pet remain calm, he made his way over to let him in. The door opened to show that he wasn’t outside the door but a second sniff near the carpet let him pick up his scent again, leading him towards the living room.

Instead of cowering near the couch like before, Bailey had taken a seat on it, making him almost level with his were form. Hoping to try and get him to come to him, Alex noticed the line of clothing he had left in the living room. Moving to retrieve them, his stomach then began to growl.

Like the last time, the shift made his stomach feel unnaturally empty. Some of the shakes he developed however reminded him that he hadn’t eaten very much all day to begin with. Only drank a lot of water. The muscles and vessels in his face and chest seemed to strain, if not drain of blood and tense as his stomach gurgled, making him shiver.

Heading into the kitchen, he found the packages of burger patties he had bought the week before. Ripping the plastic off a double pack, he microwaved one of the slabs as he filled the sink with cold tap water. By the time he had taken a drink, the first piece of meat was done heating up.

Tearing half of the slab off with one bite, he was quickly finished with it and readied the next one. Despite being soft and warm, neither piece was as good as the doe in his mind. Remembering that he had steaks in the fridge as well made him want one of those instead, but the time it would take to fix them seemed too long.

Going for a package of hotdogs instead, Alex warmed up four of them, consuming them quickly. The new tastes, still of sodium and meat filler with everything else, still reminded him of the doe. It didn’t taste preserved like these did.

The End

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