Chapter 14Mature

With his pulse still up from the surge of adrenaline before, Alex imagined himself once again starting to shift into his were form. This time however, his thoughts drifted into about how frightening it had been as he watched the first time, and the feelings of relief that he felt once it was over. A similar pattern of emotions as what he had just felt.

This time, he could feel the muscles in his arms twitching. Making tiny spasms that grew to feel more visceral and unnatural. His breathing became shaky and his hands went numb.

Gripping his hands into fists, he felt his fingernails pop up amidst the twitching of his fingers. Each one making a light tearing sound and several sharp objects pierced his palms. Unclenching one of his fists, Alex saw the same bone-white claws growing out of his fingers as the muscles and tendons there thickened.

Torn between fear and pride at what he was seeing, he wasted no time striping his clothes off again, starting with his lower body. His T-shirt came off soon after, leaving only his necklace on. As the muscles in his legs, arms and chest began to flex on their own and grow in size, Alex started to feel like a loose puppet on strings amidst the spasms. Made worse when he could feel his skin getting cold from the beads of sweat which soon dotted it.

In his mouth, he could taste his blood again as his teeth reshaped into fangs, forcing his jaws to separate to keep from biting into his gums. Saliva welled inside his mouth as he held it open, making him tilt his head up until he could swallow.

Thinking that this shift was going faster than the last one, Alex retreated to his room, passing by Bailey on the way. He backed away from him, whining with his tail tucked. Cursing himself for letting his dog back inside, Alex slammed the door to his bedroom and dropped to the floor. Hopefully more prepared for when his skeleton would start reforming.

As he laid there, curled into a ball and with his claws digging into the carpet, his breathing began to slow along with his heart rate. The order of events was off but he knew what was coming. Tears ran down his face as his muscles continued to tense and stretch to the same charlie horse sensation as before. That awful feeling of having rods shoved into his muscles.

Amidst his slowly rising whines of pain, and the flexing of his legs, he could hear his bones making audible crunches and cracks. As before, his legs and feet went first, forming paws and their digitigrade shape from before. The nauseating feeling of his skin being stretched along with his bones was unpleasant enough to make his stomach do a flip and Alex’s chest compressed, forcing him into a tighter ball.

Trying not to imagine throwing up in the middle of this, his skin started itching as his fur emerged, followed by his tail lengthening several more inches and wolf ears forming atop his head. All that was left was his muzzle, the part that felt the worst during the last shift. As his jawline and teeth respaced inside his mouth, his face and jaw pushed out to shape the last part of his werewolf form.

He didn’t know how long it had taken, but soon the room was quiet again as the last of his bones reset. With his eyes clamped shut, Alex quivered with each breath he took as he recovered from the shift, his muzzle cracking a small smile. “So I can transform whenever I like.

The End

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