Chapter 14Mature

Alex sighed as he thought about that. There was no immediate benefit he would gain from shifting, aside from stronger senses for a while. As he thought about that however, it had taken him a few days to get used to his heightened sense of smell when it first appeared. And then Bailey had started to recognize him even as a werewolf before he changed back last time.

Closing his eyes, Alex relaxed his breathing and imagined shifting again. Just the event itself. He could picture his hands changing into paws in front of his eyes, making him clench them in response. However, like his last two times, nothing happened. As much as he wanted to see if it was possible to shift any time he liked, something wasn’t working.

Thinking it was how new he was to all of this, he slipped his jeans and T-shirt back on and went to let Bailey back in. Rubbing his pet’s head, he retrieved his skateboard and went for the driveway to practice a few flatground tricks while he thought of another plan.

Several minutes passed of practicing flip tricks before he attempted a Handplant on the pavement. Some loose pebbles ground into his right palm as he pulled his weight onto it. As he reached the apex of the trick, Alex miscalculated the placement of his weight and began to fall towards his back.

His heart rate shot up as the concrete came closer. Adrenaline rushed into his blood as he put his other arm out. It caught part of his weight, but twisted sharply against his elbow and wrist joints. His arm felt shocked all along its length, followed by his back, which impacted the concrete soon after.

Withholding yells of pain, Alex grasped his arm and wrist, massaging them to try and calm his burning nerves and twisted joints. The suddenness of it all was making him shake as well. As he tried to relax, he could feel some tiny quivers run through his arm muscles. Then cricking noises from what he thought were the connective tissues in that arm. The same noises he had heard the night he shifted.

Scrambling to his feet, Alex breathed as slowly as he could, listening for more of the sounds. None came but the pain of his twisted wrist and elbow were soon reduced to a few packets of soreness.

Now thankful to have the quickened healing that a werewolf possessed, he went for his board before going back inside. As the door closed behind him, a thought crossed his mind. Pain and injury. That was something that triggered bursts of energy in humans.

The End

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