Chapter 14Mature

The next morning, he awoke to find Bailey once again sleeping near his head, scratching his face as he got up. With some water and milk in his stomach after a shower, he left for class, focused on seeing the day through and getting back to the house.

Taking some time to do a few Ollies and flip tricks outside the campus before he left, they helped put him into a more relaxed mood. Something that he hoped would let him shift more easily.

When he returned home however, he started to develop some doubts about what he was hoping to try. It was still early afternoon and the sun was out. He had forced himself to stay inside the last time precisely because of that, and he only had a few hours to himself to make this happen. If this would work.

Retreating to his room, he stripped off to his boxers, feeling slightly embarrassed in doing so, as if someone was watching him. Bailey however didn’t notice anything unusual and sat next to him, his tail wagging.

“Bailey, you gotta go outside.” Alex said upon hearing the thumps against the carpet. He coaxed him out through the sliding door in his parent’s room, locking it as his pet turned and stared at him through the glass. Even though the situation was a bit depressing, he wasn’t about to let Bailey witness him shift again. Or hear him doing so. “Sorry, boy. I’ll let you back in soon.”

Walking back to his room, Alex ran through a number of things that he thought would set off the change. Anger was a possibility, but what could he get angry at besides virtual enemies? Thinking he could force the shift by ranting, screaming and blowing up with rage at the werewolf who turned him, he quickly dismissed the idea. Even if the pain of the shift distracted him from such an outburst, he didn’t want to risk going nuts from it.

The next idea he had was fear, which made some sense to him. Once again though, he was lost on how to bring that emotion out. The last few times he had been truly afraid of anything were when his friends and parents were questioning him and when he had finally revealed his injuries. All of those times were situational. Sighing, Alex racked his brain for more ideas.

He didn’t want to try hunger as a possible trigger of his shifts; he would have to wait to make himself hungry and by that time, he might be looking at his family as food. After he reached that idea, he wondered if he would be able to shift by just thinking about it. Hard enough so that his body would see it as a reason to change. Pacing around his room for a minute, one hand over his mouth, he decided to try that first.

Taking a deep breath, Alex leaned against his bed with his arms holding him up. Shutting his eyes, he thought back to how he had felt exploring the house in his were form. How much he liked exploring his neighborhood in that form. How learning to walk on digitigrade legs and all fours felt odd at first but then was almost natural.

He remained focused on the thoughts for a time, but nothing happened. Waiting a minute before trying again, this time he tried to picture himself going through the change again. The memories of how painful it had been, for both transformations, came back instantly, making him hesitant to go through that again. However, he stopped himself for another reason. What was he going to gain from shifting right now?

The End

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