Chapter 14Mature

As he said goodbye to his friend, his thoughts went back to what he had planned tomorrow. If he was able to shift whenever he liked, how could he do it? Gripping the necklace he had, he thought about how he had felt before the last change. When he felt like he wanted to rip something apart.

No. It can’t be the game that did it.” Remembering that a very near full moon was out that night, Alex wondered if that had done anything to affect his shift.

Flipping through the lunar calendar, the thought of being in his were form again was a bit enthralling, if somewhat worrying. He could still recall how strong he had become and how powerful his senses were in that form, but would he be able to force himself back if he needed to?

As the evening went by, he tried to keep his mind off of that downfall, enjoying the company of his dog and some skating before dinner.

“Are you still interested in taking that class, son?” David asked as the family continued eating.

“Yeah. I just need enough money.”

“Is your job paying you very well?”

“Yeah. It’s less than the vet, but I’ve got more hours. The customers are more interesting to talk to as well.”

“I thought you said you were getting some nasty ones.”

“Yeah, but they’re rare enough.”

“That’s what happens sometimes in retail jobs.” His father said. Alex added that Marcus had told him so as well. “Oh, Alex?”


“I noticed you were, I think, sniffing around the house a while ago. What was that all about?”

The sudden mention of that threw him for a loop. “Nothing. I thought I smelled something weird.”

“Like what?” his mother asked.

“No idea. It came and went too fast to tell.”

“It wasn’t gas or something, was it?”

“No. It was, how do I put this…kind of flat, but kind of tanned. If that makes sense.”

“Never heard of a smell like that.” His father said.

Once he’d finished talking, Alex went back to eating. His folks didn’t sound too interested in his reasons for trying to identify a random scent anyway. His stomach was soon swelling again from all the food but he kept it tamer than the first time it happened. If he was truly intent on shifting tomorrow, he didn’t want to burn all of it overnight.

The End

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