Chapter 14Mature

“I do want to talk, but…I’d prefer if it was all of us as a group. So everyone hears the same thing.”

Nathan considered the idea for a second. “Sounds good to me.”

Breathing a quiet sigh, knowing he’d crossed a threshold he couldn’t step back over, Alex replied. “When are you off work?”

“Without school during the day? Saturday.”

“Same with me, and I think with Marcus. Let me get a hold of Catherine and ask her.” Dialing his friend’s number, she picked up after a few rings. “Hey Catherine. You busy?”

“No. What’s up?”

“I was just wondering, do you have Saturday off work?”

“Saturday? Umm, let me…Yes, I do. Why?”

Looking back to Nathan, Alex responded. “I want to talk to you guys about something.”

“Personal thing?”


“You sound a bit off, if you don’t mind me saying.”

“I was for a minute. I’m fine.” After confirming with Catherine on the date, Alex continued the calls with Marcus, catching him during his lunch break. He also had the coming Saturday off, making it the best possible time to have everyone around. “Awesome. I’ll see you then.”

“Hang on. Quick question. Why not just talk to us one at a time, if it’s that important?”

Alex considered the idea, but having everyone around to hear the same thing was a far better plan, and he relayed that back to Marcus.

“Hmm. I don’t like the sound of that to be honest.”

Alex’s pulse picked up a bit. “You can trust me on this, man. There’s a reason I’d prefer that.”

“Alright. See you then.”

“Great. Now he’s suspicious.” Pocketing his phone, Alex looked back to his friend. “Looks like Saturday.”

With a date set for when he could sit and talk, he followed Nathan out to his car. His friend didn’t ask him too many questions along the way. The ones he did were on his experiences at the first debate meeting, which they had almost forgotten about.

Even with some newfound confidence from the idea of talking to his friends and getting this off his chest, as well as the possibility of some support, a part of him still thought this was a really bad idea. He had no idea how they would react to him revealing this news, although he didn’t want to swing too far one way or the other.

They might have been there for each other with some personal issues before, but this was on a whole other level. Werewolves were supposed to be fables and myths.

Despite that, Alex tried to look at the positives. He would soon have a chance to tell his friends what was going on. On his own terms to boot. Instead of just whispering to Bailey that he was of no harm to anyone. And he had at least four days to prepare for this.

The End

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