Chapter 14Mature

“Excuse me.” Said someone nearby, making Alex shudder a bit. Turning around to see who was there, the person continued. “Who’s in charge here?”

“Talk to him. The guy in the red vest.” Alex said. As the person walked away, he nearly faceplamed for letting that action make him feel jumpy. Going back to looking around, he caught sight of Nathan watching him. Occasionally giving him a nod or a glance to someone else. Alex would return each gesture with a similar one.

Around the time the president of the club called for everyone’s attention, there were over 15 people there. Taking a deep breath, Alex kept his eyes in Nathan’s direction while the president began to read off the rules of the club. The only one that caught his ear was the one about a member’s right to leave any debate.

Even though he knew he was helping a friend, Alex wanted to separate himself from the crowd a bit. Stepping to the side of the room, he now had a better angle on his friend but some of the other members were now looking over at him every so often.

“If anybody has any questions, just talk to one of us.” said the president. “In the meantime, since this is our first meeting, let’s go around and introduce ourselves.”

As the person of interest moved around the room, Alex prepped himself for when it would reach him. When it eventually did, thanks to a nod from one of the other members, he took a breath and began talking. “Alex Stryker. I’ve…been a friend of Nathan’s since middle school.” His hands shuffled in his pockets and he stalled in his speech. “Not much else to say, I guess.”

“You hoping to get anything out the group?” The question came from the vice president this time. With more eyes on him, Alex felt any enthusiasm he had before vanish.

He swallowed once. So many eyes were on him. He knew he was being watched for no reason other than someone was awaiting his opinion, but no more words would come to him.

He wanted those eyes off of him. On someone else.

All he could eventually muster was a shrug at the VP. “A bit unsure? That’s OK. Maybe once we get the group going…”

His train of thought trailed off as the VP continued to talk. Trying not to make a face, Alex tried to relax. One simple question and he couldn’t answer it. Looking up, Nathan was giving him an odd look from the front of the room.

The End

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