Chapter 14Mature

Maybe I should consider it.” Alex thought, picking his board back up. Reaching for his phone, he went back to the lunar calendar app, checking some of the coming dates starting with the current week.

The Last Quarter was coming on the 20th and the New phase on the 27th. If he was able to shift anytime he wished, the darker phases would work more in his favor if he wanted to leave the house.

Remembering his job got him to rethink planning for a shift on the week of the 27th. Trevor had to ask him why he was requesting the past Monday off, something he had to come up with an elaborate excuse for. And even though Marcus wasn’t one to ask a lot of questions, he didn’t want to risk him thinking he was up to something either.

Let’s see. Not around Tuesday; Nathan will suspect something. Wednesday would work if I don’t stay that way long.” The possibility of overshooting his time as a werewolf was worrying but he had more than enough time to plan. No one was forcing him but if he wanted to do it next week, the day of the Last Quarter was the best time with both work and school factored in.

“Looks like it’s Wednesday.” Alex then returned to riding on his grindbox for a while, but with his thoughts on something else, he didn’t land as many tricks or pay as much attention to dinner that night. When his father reminded him of the concealed weapons class however, he was at attention quickly. Until the price tag came up.


Tuesday, September 19th, 2011

Moon Phase – Last Quarter


After his classes were over, Alex joined Nathan outside one of the empty classrooms on the third floor. A few other people he didn’t know were there as well, and it wasn’t long before he picked up their scents floating in the air. One of them had a hint grease on him, but he couldn’t tell what kind. The only female in the group of five of them was wearing a cherry scented lip balm not unlike what Catherine used, helping him to relax a bit.

As he followed the group inside, even though he wasn’t doing anything major, the same feeling of discomfort started to creep back. Pulling the neck of his jacket up, he let his eyes wander, watching the slowly growing crowd for anything he needed to look out for.

The End

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