Chapter 14 - Trust and RiskMature

Saturday, September 16th, 2011

Moon Phase – Waning Gibbous


Spending much of the day Saturday playing on his XBOX, Alex was outside just in time to catch another cold front moving through the city in the late afternoon. The temperature drop now was over ten degrees, making his sessions on the grindbox a bit uncomfortable. Even after doing a number of complex flip tricks, his leg muscles still felt like they had a layer on cold hovering over them.

Heading for the box again in his normal stance, Alex did a normal Ollie onto the top of it, bending down to grab the deck with his right hand as he approached the end. Readying his left foot, he planted it against the boxs’ top, launching him like he was doing an Ollie but with his deck held under his feet. He applied some spin to the move by twisting his legs, turning him through a Frontside 180 before he came down. However he didn’t let go of the deck in time and landed with too much weight on the rear of his board.

Falling off to his side, Alex rolled against the pavement, his jacket taking most of the force as his board got away from him. Getting up to brush himself off, the evening breezes blew over him again, making him shiver. “Man, some fur would come in handy right now.” Although he made the statement out loud, no one was around to hear him say it.

Instead of simply forgetting the idea, he thought on it for a second and started to see some merit to the idea. If he was able to grow only his fur and not shift all the way. From that idea, he started to wonder if he could fully shift whenever he wished. He immediately second-guessed the idea because of what he’d done during the full moon.

Wait. I only did that because I ran out of meat that night. I’ve got more than enough now.” Alex went back and forth between worry of what a willful transformation could lead to, and pleasure at the thought of being able to willfully shift at all. If he was able to do it, he had more than enough meat to feed himself immediately afterwards. And after that, enough to cover any hunger surges he could possibly have for however long it took to change back.

The End

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