Chapter 13Mature

Trying not to look embarrassed at making Catherine do such a thing out of a lie, the group of three started discussing a few plans for where they would want to bring Marcus. Alex offered to ask him for a preferred location since he was working with him on Saturday.

“Oh, you guys have a second?” Catherine quickly asked.

“Sure. What?” Nathan said.

“Look at this.” She held out her smartphone to the two, revealing another news article similar to the one she had shown Alex on Tuesday. “Kempner’s stable was hit again.”

Seeing the description mentioning a deer had been killed, Alex replied first. “Aw, geez. That’s twice in four days.”

“Wait a second.” Nathan said. “I thought you weren’t into all this gory stuff.”

“People describing it, no.” Catherine said. “This though? This is worrying me. That’s, what, seven animals in a month.”

“One that didn’t deserve it.” Alex said, thinking of the Husky, and Bailey as well.

“None of them did.”

“Yeah, but this thing’s a carnivore. They’ll eat anything they can catch.”

“So, what about that Husky?”

“No idea. Far as I know, wolves don’t do that to other canines.”

“Kill them?” Nathan said.

“They can do that, yes, but not like that news story was describing.”

“Still, you guys be careful.” Catherine said, sending the story off to Marcus to read. “And Alex, you may want to tell your folks what you saw.”

“Yeah, I agree.” Nathan said. “Better to say something and let the police know.”

Alex shuffled his hands into his pockets. A werewolf was mostly human, so the human was what they needed to find. “I don’t think that’ll help.”

“Even if it doesn’t, you’ll give them something to work from.”

“That’s not it.” Alex said, being careful about his next words. “This thing’s active at night mostly. How are they even going to find it without canine units?”

“Fair enough, but I’m with Catherine on this one. Just tell them you were nervous about saying anything. They’ll believe that, right?”

Before he responded, Alex remembered that he had told his folks about the event. “Actually, I already told them about this.”

“Why didn’t you say so?”

“Slipped my mind. I didn’t tell them I was hurt; just that I was attacked and got away.” Nathan made a sound at that. A brief ‘Huh.’

“Actually, that reminds me.” Catherine began. “How did those bites heal that fast?”

Alex felt his flesh crawl at that, but Nathan spoke first. “That was, what, two weeks’ time?”

“Yeah, it was.” Alex said. Even though he didn’t hear a great amount of suspicion in Catherine’ question, the suddenness of it had thrown him for a loop. He couldn’t afford to stall however and blurted out his first thoughts. “It wasn’t as bad as you think. They didn’t go too deep, so that helped.”

With that answer, his friends exchanged a quick glance with each other.

The End

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