Chapter 13Mature

His eyes darted around for a second as he stood in place. That scent had to be recent if he had smelled it in the air. How many seconds had he missed this person by? Did they know about his friendship with Catherine, or Nathan? Or Marcus? And if they did, were they scoping them out?

Shaking his head as flashes of his attack came to mind, Alex didn’t want to believe that was the case. It had to be a coincidence that he was finding that scent here. How would this guy know about his friends anyway? Besides Nathan.

Turning around and going back towards the Science Fiction section, he found Catherine organizing some new products. Fresh trade-ins by the looks of things. “Hey Catherine.”

“Hey. Coming to buy some books?”

“Maybe.” Alex said, trying to mask the worry in his tone.

“Did you get that text I sent?”

“Nathan did before me, but yes. I’ve got no idea what to get him.”

“Just do a gift card and a card. That always works.”

“That’s true, but still.” Pretending to pick up and read one of the paperbacks nearby, Alex glanced over to his friend. The scents around her didn’t seem to have any traces of the werewolf, at least none he could pick out, giving him a nasty feeling he had indeed been watching her. “Hey, Catherine. Quick question. Did anyone come in that…” He stumbled on the last part of his sentence.

“That what?”

“Um,” Alex tried to think. What was he supposed to say? “Did you get anyone who seemed greatly interested in the fiction department?”

Catherine gave him a look of question and Alex felt his flesh crawl from how dumb that sounded. “Mind elaborating a bit?”

“I mean like the hardcovers. On aisle one.”

“Not that I saw. Why?”

Stalling again, Alex said the first thing he could think of. “I thought I heard a beeping around there.”

“Beeping? Like a watch?”

“I’m not sure. I only heard it once.”

“Huh. I’ll check for it if you show me where.”

Leading Catherine back to the spot, her scent intermingled with what was left of the other werewolf. Putting on a straight face, he showed her the ‘spot’ just as Nathan arrived. “Hey, man. Found anything good?”

“Yeah.” Nathan held up a few PC titles. “You helping her out?”

“Just checking for something.” Alex said as she pulled two of the hardcovers down. “Nothing. Nevermind.”

The End

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