Chapter 13Mature

Ahead, Nathan was standing back from his intended route, just in case he slipped or the board flew off in some odd direction. The move wasn’t unfounded; he had slipped and launched his board at him a few times before.

Riding up the incline, Alex started the Ollie, sweeping his right foot with the tail of his deck while his left started the Kickflip part of the trick. As the board began to rotate, he prepared to catch it when it righted itself but missed the window and only one foot made contact.

Shrugging, he followed the same routine again but this time kicking to gain a bit more speed before he climbed the funbox. Going into the 360 Flip again, the extra speed caused him to sail a bit higher and land on the intersecting incline. His front foot nearly slipped free of the griptape on the landing, but he was quickly back in his normal stance, ready to do something else.

After a few more tricks at that spot, he took a minute to relax while Nathan reviewed the footage with him. “Nice. Good angle.”

“You want to stay there or…?”

“Nah. The park’s getting crowded. We should move elsewhere.”

“Good point, even if I can just push someone off their board.”

“Just like news reporters, man. Comes with the job.” Alex said, grinning.

With no one using the grindbox near the gate to the park, they went for that and spent another fifteen minutes filming tricks. Hoping to do some kind of trick combination, Alex went for a 5-0 after a few slides, having to lean forwards to absorb part of his landing.

With about forty-five seconds of usable footage out of the twenty-eight they had spent recording so far, he was ready to leave and followed Nathan to the bookstore where Catherine worked. She had sent them a text while the recording was going on, joking about what they would likely get Marcus.

“She probably bought him a game or something.” Nathan said as they headed inside. The two then split off to different parts of the store; Nathan to the games department and Alex towards the Science Fiction aisles.

He could pick up Catherine’s scent as he approached the first row, but a second one caught his attention as well. Taking a few lengthy sniffs, trying to refrain from making noise as he did so, that second scent chilled his nerves. He had smelled it before, sans the fur. It belonged to the other werewolf.

Taking a step down the first aisle, the scent grew stronger as he went, even though it was clear the person it belonged to was long gone. What made his heart pound however was not just finding that scent there. It was how close it was to where Catherine was often working at the trade-in counter.

Turning around, Alex tried to see if he could continue to track the scent in the store. He didn’t have to walk very far however; the scent trail seemed to dissipate as he came closer to the doors, and it was far too weak anywhere else nearby.

The End

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