Chapter 13Mature

Standing in front of the mirror, he pulled off his T-shirt to make sure his body wasn’t starting to shift. He also had his eyes on his hands since that was the first thing he felt changing last time, along with his teeth.

Trying to calm his breathing, he looked over himself in the mirror, checking his jawline for any increase in canine lengths. The sudden jolt in his stomach didn’t return, even after a few more seconds, and his fingers showed no signs of exposing claws.

Breathing a sigh, there was soon a knocking on the door, and his father’s voice. “Alex, what’s going on?”

“Nothing. Just a minute.” Putting his T-shirt back on and flushing the toilet to disguise what he was doing, he returned to his folks, who gave him looks like he had made a scene. “Sorry.”

Inside, Alex didn’t know whether to facepalm or remain worried. The action had come and gone too fast to make it easy to decide. After his meal was done, despite feeling nothing similar to the jolt again during that time, with his folks around, he decided to play it safe.

Remaining inside for the rest of the night, but still itching to play a game of some kind, he switched out Borderlands for Fallout: New Vegas.


Friday, September 15th, 2011

Moon Phase – Waning Gibbous


As soon as classes were over on Friday, Alex was ready to hang out with Nathan again, this time at the Tampa shop. With his camcorder in tow, the two arrived at the shop ready to get some footage. Walter wasn’t working that day, leaving him to ask Cameron and one of the employees if it was fine to record video inside the store. Both of them agreed it was and Alex showed his friend to the park.

“Very nice.” Nathan said as the gate closed.

“I know. This place has everything.”

“So, where do you want to record at?”

“The funbox would be a good place.” Avoiding one of the other skaters in the park, Alex posed for Nathan to show him the angle he was looking for.

Nathan’s pointed finger darted from one incline to another. “Between these two ramps?”

“Yeah, or over the stairs here.”

Nathan nodded and Alex mounted his board, riding down the incline behind him towards one of the quarterpipes on the edge of the park. Kicking once with his right leg to gain some speed, he turned the board to position himself for a quick 5-0 grind on the coping of the pipe. Lifting the nose and front truck, the rear truck steered into the coping, making a sound of metal against metal before he dropped back in. With some extra speed behind him, Alex shuffled his feet on the deck, moving them into position for a 360 Flip.

The End

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