Chapter 13Mature

Later that night as he sat down to dinner, the same thoughts crept into his head, giving his folks a window to question his sudden dip in appetite.

“Sorry. Was thinking about something.” Alex said.

“Like what?” David said his piece with his mouth half full.

“Nothing really.”

“You looked pretty intent on whatever it was.”

Alex saw part of that coming. “It’s nothing, Mom. I’ll figure it out later.”

Getting some of the leftover alfredo to go with his meal, a flash of his recent hunt went through his head. As he thought about it, he remembered he hadn’t heard or found any news of his kill. Only of the dog. Alex smiled a bit in response. His plan had worked, albeit in a different way than he thought before.

With that knowledge in mind, he felt less tense and dug into his meal. At the same time, he went back to thinking about what had happened before. Recalling the article about the deceased canine, something crossed his mind.

He had been careful about picking the animal he wanted to kill, and then stashing it somewhere it couldn’t be easily found. At least he thought so. The other werewolf however had clearly shown much less care about its prey, both on that same night and the full moon prior. Each time, the carcasses had been left out to be easily found.

“Is that what silver really does?” Alex thought, gripping one hand slightly. The more he thought about that, the more sense it made. Both relief and worry rushed in to linger in his thoughts as a result. If that was in any way true, his necklace and bullet were invaluable to him now.

Seconds later, with his thoughts still on what he’d done that night, he was snapped back to reality when he felt his abdomen tense and shrink.

The sudden action caused him to freeze in place and his heart rate shot up instantly. Remaining stiff as a board, Alex paid close attention to every action of his body between his increased heart rate. His father noticed and said his name to get his attention.

Before he found the drive to answer, Bailey, who was laying down nearby, sat up and whined. Barely a second passed before Alex was up and almost running to the bathroom. Ignoring his mother calling his name, he shut the door behind him, his arm around his stomach.

The End

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