Chapter 13Mature

A while later, with his meal half done, he caught a familiar perfume from someone nearby. Looking around him, it was Catherine, coming in for lunch but still in her work uniform.

“Small world isn’t it?” he said, getting her attention.

“What…” Nathan began before seeing her as well. “Oh, hey Catherine.”

“Hey guys. Fancy meeting you here.”

“You too.” Alex said. “Coming for lunch, I take it?”

“Yeah, and to get something for a coworker.”

“They’ve got you on take-out duty? Fun.” Alex said.

“We do it all the time. Were you waiting for me though?”

“Who, us?” Nathan said. “Nah. I didn’t even know you were coming.”

“In that case, let me order real quick. Be right there.” It didn’t take her long to do so, and the three got back to chatting. “Been rather slow today, though.”

“Same here.” Nathan said. “Nothing new is out this week.”

“Marcus and I had a few run-ins with some customers a while back.” Alex said.

Nathan chuckled. “In a comic shop? How is that even possible?”

“From what he’s shown me, it’s mostly angry parents and stuff.”

“That’s typical.” Catherine said. “They get really annoying, real fast.”

“I’m coming to learn.” Alex said. “For some reason, they just set me off.”

Until Catherine had to leave with her orders, the group continued to bounce different subjects off each other, with Nathan loaning her his untouched glass of water. With a new date set for next Tuesday as the first meeting of the Debate Club, Alex parted ways with his friend and returned home.

Walking inside to a mostly quiet house, he stretched his legs and arms as he entered. Despite the sore spots feeling somewhat better than earlier in the day, how long they were lasting was starting to bug him. With his stomach full, his thoughts drifted back to his transformation as he sat in the dining room.

Even though it was a little over a day since he changed back, his recent lunch reminded him of how much he had enjoyed feeding on the flesh and internals of the deer he caught. The memory still made him feel some sadness, but not as much as the moment when he realized what he was doing.

Remembering his feelings of pleasure during the early part of the assault, he started to question his earlier silver theory. If it was keeping him sentient as a werewolf, why had his hunger flared up like that, even though he’d been full at the time? While fiddling with the metal bullet, his mind drew a blank on an answer.

Was his theory baseless because of that? As much as he hated the thought, the possibility was there that the metal was doing nothing to assist him. Or it was keeping only minimal aspects of his lycanthropy at bay. If there was anything to hold at bay.

The End

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