Chapter 13Mature

Pulling his head up from the screen as he entered the classroom, Nathan was already there, rapidly typing something on his laptop. Taking the seat next to him, his friend looked over for a second before stopping the flurry of punching keys. “Hey, man.”

“You look busy.” Alex said as he got a magazine from his backpack.

“Paper for my Professional Writing class.” Nathan said. “You feeling better though?”

“Yeah. No lingering symptoms, thankfully.”

Nathan nodded, his face showing a bit of concern still. “Cool. Good to know.”

As his friend went back to typing, their professor arrived soon after. Once class let out around noon, he followed Nathan outside towards the parking lot. By this point, his stomach was starting to rumble behind his chest. Loudly enough to draw Nathan’s attention. Remarking that he was getting hungry as well, Alex suggested they hang out and get some lunch.

Deciding on an Italian restaurant just outside the mall, the place was in the middle of a lunch rush when they arrived. As soon as the doors were opened, Alex’s nose was flooded with scents of food as the cold air inside blew over him. Ordering a plate of fettuccini, he and Nathan exchanged some small talk while they waited with glasses of soda.

“You found a new skatepark around here?” Nathan asked.

“Yeah. Nice place, too. It’s a shop and a park in one.” Alex paused for a second. “Not to jump on old subjects, but we could use it for filming. I’ll just have to clear it with the owner.”

Nathan nodded. “On that, mind if I ask you a favor?”

Alex took a drink before responding. “Yeah, sure. What’s up?”

“Are you interested in helping me with a Debate Club?”

“A little. Is this group new?”

“Yeah. Some of the staff we’ve picked have past experience in similar clubs, but we’re trying to get more perspectives on the group. For things we can do and such. I suggested some outside opinions would help us.”

“You mean from someone who isn’t a member?”

“Right. You can join if you want, but I’d like your input when we have our first meeting next week. Could you help me with that?”

“Yeah, sure. I’ll help.”

“Thanks, man. I’m sure you’ll get a kick out of it.”

As their meals arrived, Alex began to wonder what such a group was like. The most he had heard about them concerned groups who debated on state and national levels instead of on colleges. Taking a full fork of alfredo and chicken, the tough, stringy feel of the meat stood out to him immediately.

The End

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