Chapter 13 - ReflectionsMature

Wednesday, September 13th, 2011

Moon Phase – Waning Gibbous


The following morning, Alex woke to his bones and muscles still feeling sore from the reverse shift; his calves and ribs the worst among that, despite feeling a bit better versus yesterday. Bailey was up right along with him as he climbed out of bed, heading to his parent’s bedroom door soon after and staring at the doorknob.

Seeing his dog turn his head his direction as he came close, Alex rubbed Bailey’s head between the ears and followed him outside. With only a T-shirt and shorts on, the cold morning air immediately made him shiver. “Brr. Guess that fur had some use.”

As that thought went through his head, he remembered the bag of shed fur he had tossed out the day before. His folks hadn’t asked him about it, but he couldn’t help wondering if they had seen it but weren’t saying anything.

Checking the garage door, Alex found it locked. Retrieving the spare key from its hiding place, he headed inside to check on the trashbin. The white bag that was holding the fur, which didn’t seem disturbed or moved, was already covered by another. Sighing, Alex told himself not to worry. The trash would be gone by tomorrow morning anyway.

One warm shower and a glass of milk later, he was ready for class. Despite the soreness around his body however, he wasted no time finding some flat ground at campus to skate on, refraining from doing any tricks until the day was through.

Sitting in his English class and watching the room fill up, each time someone passed by, he half expected them to ask where he had been. Looking behind him, a few students did lock eyes with him before turning back to the papers in front of them. Sighing and pretending to lean on his hand, Alex felt around his neck for any fur. Silly as it was, he found nothing different. Nothing aside from a sore spot or two. His head still felt taken by a twinge of worry however.

While he waited for his Calculus class to start, he went for the computer lab to kill some time. Before long, he was back on the city news site, looking up the dates and articles of the past killings. As he searched each date, he marked them on the lunar calendar on his phone. The last two full moons, two different Crescents, and the Waxing Gibbous he marked, along with the dates he and Angela were attacked. The former date seeing one more article that he had missed before.

The End

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