Chapter 12Mature

Seeing the family Ford in the driveway as he drove up, Alex opened the front door to find Bailey awaiting his return, and judging by the scents in the house, both of his folks with clothes bags smelling slightly of pine and oak trees. Deciding not to call out to them, he tracked them to their bedroom.

They were emptying their luggage bags when he walked in, and his father saw him first. Seeing him and his mother again made him feel like he had been reunited from them after a huge span of time. “Hey, son. How was your weekend?”

“The usual.” Alex hugged his father tightly, exhaling once.

“You sure? You sound kind of upset.”

Alex nodded. “Nah, just venting a bit. Some moron at work.”

“Again?” his mother asked. “What happened this time?”

“Someone tried to give Marcus a hard time. Wanted to tell him off, but I couldn’t.”

“I see.” His father said.

“I’m just a bit frustrated. That’s all. It’ll pass.”

“OK. I take it there was no trouble when we were gone?”

Moving to his mother, who was now wanting a hug, Alex answered. “None. I had the guys over on Saturday for some rounds of Dance Central, but that was it.”

“What’s that?”

“It’s a dancing game Catherine told me about. She brought it over and we were having a ball.”

“You actually danced?” his mother asked.

“Not great, but yes.”

“Oh, I would love to see you dance.”

Blushing, Alex laughed. “No, you wouldn’t. Not unless I’ve practiced first.”

“Why not? You did it with them around.”

“Yeah, yeah, that’s different.”

“Oh, Alex,” His father began. “what happened to all those burgers in the fridge?”

Hearing about the missing meat, Alex almost facepalmed. He had completely forgotten to restock the fridge after eating them all. “Oh, sorry. I cooked them for the guys when they came and I forgot to get more.”

“Well, we’re heading to the store to get some groceries. Mind coming with us?”

Any other time, Alex would have passed on the idea. With his emotions still running high after all the events of the weekend, he agreed to the idea instead.

The place they went to was a few stores down from the comic shop, and even late at night, it was full of customers. Readying a 20 dollar bill from his wallet, he handed it to his father as they gathered all their stuff, with some words about not doing that again.

However, knowing that he was likely to do the same thing again come the next full moon, Alex stocked up on some foods along with more meat to cover anything he would want to eat in his were form. Fruit bars, crackers, boxed and loose pastas, sauce, and many other things. While his folks noticed the increase in things he was buying, Alex wrote most of it off as snacks and practice foods for cooking.

The End

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