Chapter 12Mature

“Hey, Trevor. Did you need to talk to me?”

“In fact, I do. C’mon in.”

Walking into the room, Alex felt worry wash over him. “I take it this is about that customer from last week?”

“Somewhat, yes.”

Alex sighed and covered his face, relieved yet not feeling fully hopeful. “I knew it. I’m sorry if I got under his skin, but…”

“I know it wasn’t anything you meant to do, but just hear me out.” Nodding again, Alex zipped his lips. “I know you and Marcus are good friends, but we can’t have employees confronting customers like that.”

“I know. I should have kept my mouth shut, but I couldn’t stand watching that.”

“That’s understandable. Believe me, I’ve been in similar situations myself. It’s hard not to say something to get your point across. The thing is, even if you’re off the clock, you are still an employee here so what you do reflects on us. If that happens again, just remember to approach these people differently. If they’re angry, remain calm. If they stay angry, just let them know they’re making a scene and you’re just trying to be helpful.”

Alex nodded and continued to listen. “I need you to keep that in mind when you approach a customer like that. Don’t give them reasons to be angrier if they’re already acting that way. Just remain calm and ask for help if you need it.”

“I get you. Didn’t mean for that to happen.”

Trevor nodded. “So, can I trust that you won’t let that happen again?”

Alex held off from answering for a second. For all he knew, it would happen again. “Yeah.” His boss nodded again before Alex continued. “What was the other thing you wanted to talk to me about?”

After getting the fill-in from his boss about the other topic, which turned out to be DMing games, Alex was ready to work. The initial hours trickled by slowly but every so often he would get another shot at the register.

After helping a customer with more games in the RPG section, he started looking around for things Marcus would likely want for his birthday. He wasn’t as big a comic nerd as Catherine was, or even Nathan, but he thought something in the shop would appeal to him.

Ending his shift with no idea about the gift, he said farewell to his coworkers and with his jacket buttoned, set out for home. The police patrols around the neighborhood hadn’t lessened from last time. Recalling the dead dog, he was almost certain the numbers had gone up.

Seeing one officer and his partner pass by him as he drove down the central road to his house, Alex breathed a massive sigh of relief that the other werewolf hadn’t decided to kill any officers. With his Dad on the force mostly during afternoon and graveyard shifts, the possibility that he could be attacked was there.

The End

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