Chapter 12Mature

Within half an hour, he was sweating again but the riding around had helped with the soreness. Enough so that he felt up to try his signature trick.

Gaining a good amount of speed after riding up a high quarterpipe, he rode towards one of the funboxes, setting his feet up in the position he needed and ollieing upwards at the top. As his right leg swept the deck behind him, his front foot pushed in the other direction, causing the board to rotate on its central axis while spinning a full 360 under his feet. Catching the board, he brought his weight down over the trucks and landed, coasting the rest of the way down the other ramp.

On the way out , he noticed the video that Cameron had told him about before. With a while to go before his shift would start, he had some time to watch. In the video, several skaters he didn’t recognize were doing tricks off the funboxes inside the park, interspersed between other shots of posing and general goofing off. The typical kind of spectacle in skating videos, which he always liked to see. One of the ads made him raise an eyebrow however. It was for a skating demo in early-October.

“Walter, quick question.” Alex said. “What is the demo for?”

“Oh, the shop’s going to be hosting one next month. We haven’t done one since we opened.”

“Really? Are you taking sign-ups?”

“Not yet. Check back with us in a about a week. We’ll have it ready then.”

“Will do. Thanks.”

Bracing his skin and muscles against the cold air from the day, Alex headed to the comic shop for his shift. Upon entering, he was met by Daniel who told him that Trevor was in the rare comics room. At that moment, he remembered that he hadn’t returned the call from the day before.

Hoping he hadn’t ticked his boss off, he knocked twice. Trevor soon greeted him, his expression no different from the last time he had seen him. “Hey, Alex.”

The End

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