Chapter 12Mature

“Poor guy.” Alex said, hoping Catherine would spare him the details.

“I know. Any update from your Dad about what’s going on?”

“He hasn’t told me, but patrols are still up. They should be back tonight though.”

“OK. Well, glad to know you’re doing alright. I’ll see you.” Alex said goodbye to her as well before she turned around at ask him something. “Oh, you remember what this month’s 29th is, right?”

“Marcus’s birthday. I haven’t forgotten.”

“Good. I’ve got his gift set but I can help you make a decision if you like.”

“I appreciate it, Catherine. I’ll let you know.”

Waving her goodbye, Alex returned to the classroom and a few waiting eyes on him. Students who had likely heard his conversation from inside the room. As he sat down, no one reached over to ask him about anything. Not that he wanted to say anything either way. “This guy killed a dog? Why?

After class was done, he headed up to the computer lab to search for the article on the killing. What he found was indeed gruesome, and telling at the same time.

The other werewolf had killed the dog further south from his subdivision, right around his middle school. Not only that, the pictures of the animal showed that unlike the last few times that it had been careful, this time was clearly sensationalist, if not attention grabbing.

The carcass had turned up near one of the empty fields of the school, in a spot that seemed to be as plain as day instead of hidden. His thoughts then fell on a werewolf film he had seen years ago with a similar situation, with one of the main characters being shoved into the body of a slain dog. The idea of having that same scenario in his hometown tore him between feeling sick and feeling angry.

Leaving the campus for the day, Alex decided to detour to the Tampa shop. Even if he couldn’t do tricks, he could at least ride around a bit before work. Bailey had done his business already and he was comfortable leaving him in the house until he got home. Walking inside, the flood of scents from all the parts and decks was a welcome change, and getting to shake Walter and Cameron’s hands felt even better.

The End

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