Chapter 12Mature

With some time left until his classes got started, Alex got his board and headed outside with his jacket buttoned up. The driveway was all he needed to do some flatground tricks before he had to head out to class. After a minute, he was able to achieve a Pop Shuv-It, but his body not as responsive as usual from being so sore. Deciding not to fight it, he left the house and headed for campus.

As he made his way upstairs and took a seat near the door of his class, his fears about odd company came back, despite how glad he was to be anywhere besides his house. Massaging his legs as he got his phone out, he flipped through the music he had, putting on one of his favorites to listen to.

“Well, there you are.” Hearing Catherine’s voice through his headphones, and seeing her peering in through the doorway, Alex got up to greet her. Inside, he was starting to get choked up at seeing her, but did his best to hide it.

“Hey. How’s it going?”

“Doing OK. Are you alright?”

“Let me guess. Nathan told you I got sick?”

“Yes, he did.”

“Figures. Yeah, I had stomach flu or something. Guess I didn’t cook my food well enough on Sunday.”

“Yeah. Be careful with that, and be thankful you were inside on Monday.”

Although he knew that was the night he had killed the doe, Alex’s spine still shivered a bit. “Why’s that?”

“Did you see what the police uncovered last night?”

“No, I didn’t.”

“Here. Check this out.” Pulling out her netbook, Catherine went to the city website and pulled up a news post she had. Seeing the title, Alex’s flesh went cold. “Beast of Sugar Land claims family pet.

Shit. Not good.” Meeting Catherine outside the classroom, he started talking. “How long ago did this go up?”

“About nine hours ago.” Catherine then gestured like she was exposed to something repulsive, her nose wrinkling some. “Turns out it was a dog this time.”

Alex felt relieved and frightened at the same time hearing that. “Oh, geez.”

“Someone’s pet Husky.”

The End

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