Chapter 12Mature

Once he and Nathan were finished talking, Alex got back to sweeping up the rest of the fur. The almost absurd amount he had shed forced him to use the kitchen trashbin to hold it all. While cleaning it up, something got him to rethink the idea of throwing it away, if only for him to realize how silly the thought was.

Nah. No one’s out looking for werewolves in this city.” Taking the discarded fur out to the garage, he shivered at how much lower the the temperature seemed without any fur coating him. Even though he had his jacket and a full set of warm clothes on, the loss of the retention of heat was noticeable immediately.

Despite having just left his were form, the realization made something click with him. Even with his enhanced senses as a human, his werewolf form was notably better in each of those same ways, and then some. With everything he had experienced over the last 36 hours, it made him wonder if that would make someone want to remain a werewolf for far longer periods of time.

His pet’s fear aside, it hadn’t turned out as awful as he had first believed. He had remained in control the entire time, and had a chance to do things he couldn’t as a human. Seeing one of his old decks hanging in the garage got Alex to rethink his sudden enthusiasm. He had a family; he had friends; he had a pet that loved his presence; a job and several hobbies. Staying as a werewolf would slap all of that in the face.

As he thought about it however, staying in that form hadn’t hindered him in too many ways. He was still able to type, play games, explore around town, albeit during the night, and make meals for himself, even if they were simple ones. He could see the appeal of remaining in that form given how little he lost and how much he gained.

Still, he pushed the idea aside. For all he knew, the one that turned him had nothing to live for besides the werewolf side of him. “Great. I turn back into a human and I’m already thinking about being a werewolf again…” Seeing Bailey looking up at him as he closed the glass door, Alex sighed. “And now I’m talking to myself.” His dog groaned a bit at that sentence, earning a head rubbing with it.

The End

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