Chapter 12Mature

Feeling how sticky his skin was now that all of his fur was gone, he grabbed a fresh set of clothes and went back to the bathroom to take a long shower. After the entire fiasco from last night, and the night before, he was starting to smell a bit as well.

Letting the warm water wash over his skin and hair, he scrubbed himself off and just relaxed. His classes were starting in a few hours but compared to going to class or work smelling like a dirty dog, it was hardly on his mind. Rinsing the last of the shampoo from his blonde hair, he got himself dried off, thinking of what to do with the shed fur.

Bailey tried to get at the pile of hairs once he opened the door again. Instead of shooing him back, Alex let him examine them while he got the stuff he needed. He could only see benefits from letting Bailey smell his werewolf form without worry.

As he swept up the mass of fur, he was stunned to realize how much of it he had grown with his transformation. It felt like six, if not seven or eight pounds of it.

Whoa. No wonder I was eating so much. Having to grow all this…” Hearing his phone vibrating back in his room, Alex rushed to retrieve it and saw Nathan’s name on the screen. The clock also appeared, showing the time as 6:55. He’d been in his werewolf form for almost 37 hours.

Pressing the phone’s answer button for the first time in almost two days, he held it to his ear. “Hello?”

“About time you picked up.”

“Hey man. Yeah, sorry. I wasn’t feeling good and I had my phone turned down.”

“You got sick?” Alex confirmed that lie. “I kind of figured. With what?”

“Stomach virus I think. I’m fine now.”

“Ouh. Not fun.” Nathan paused for a second. “You sure it was that and not something from your bites?”

Alex sighed a bit at that, but he appreciated his friend’s question either way. “Very. Developing stomach issues that long after being bitten doesn’t happen. Not from what I’ve seen anyway.”

“I’ll take your word on that.”

“I didn’t miss anything, did I?”

The End

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