Chapter 12Mature

With his ears and tail starting to change back, he was once again hit with the feeling of an upset stomach and compression in that region. He got up from his bed and made for the restroom in case that happened. Slamming the door behind him, Alex clutched at his stomach, feeling the fur around his shrinking abdomen. He felt the compression again, encouraging him to lay down.

The fur was the next to last thing to grow out before but as his hands gripped tufts of it, he felt it loosen and drop off in his grip, instead of retracting inwards like the rest of him was doing. The sensation of shedding all of his fur was coupled with his face and jaws going through the last few steps back to human form, with his hair growing back out to cap everything off.

Eventually, despite shivering like he was both cold and on some nasty medication, Alex opened his eyes to see himself back in his human form, surrounded by a mass of shed fur in varying colors. His bones and muscles felt sore and numb, like he was recovering from a full body charlie horse, but his heart was thundering in pleasure at the sight. He was finally human again.

On the other side of the door, Bailey was starting to scratch under the gap to get in, whining at the same time. Hoisting himself onto his arms and knees, Alex found a towel in the side closet and threw it on. His legs wobbled as he tried to stand up, keeping him down for now.

Opening the to door to find his dog ready to rush inside, he took a step back, likely from expecting the wolf-man. Upon seeing his owner instead, Bailey was quick to wag his tail.

“C’mere, boy.” Alex let his dog come close and after a few sniffs of his arm, he was back to licking his face. “Yeah, good boy. I was here the entire time, just like I said.” Rubbing the pelt of his pet, Alex started to shed a few tears, uncaring of how emotional he was getting. He was overjoyed to be in his human form again, and to have his pet enjoying his company again.

The End

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