Chapter 12 - Human Once AgainMature

Tuesday, September 12th, 2011

Moon Phase – Waning Gibbous


As Alex slept, he didn’t dream of anything. When he awoke the next day, he tried to see if anything had changed without opening his eyes. His olfactory senses were still strong as ever and his head still had the fur coating, the muzzle, and the massive wolf ears. Now with two mornings of waking up to being a werewolf, it felt hopeless to even imagine leaving this form. But as the sickening thought of forever living like this started to come back, Alex felt a tightening in his chest and shoulders.

Reaching for his chest in response, he felt his fur and to his surprise his claws were gone. The paws were still there, but the claws had retracted, leaving the tips of his fingers numb. The feeling of tightening hit him once again, this time further down his chest to his stomach and it was spreading out to his arms and legs as well. His heart beat faster in response and he choked back a tear. He was changing back. Slowly, but surely.

Bracing himself for any sudden jolts of pain, Alex kept focusing on seeing himself as a human again, hoping that would speed up the change. He was ready to leave his werewolf form behind. Let it lie dormant until the next full moon.

When the sensations in his muscles turned from tightening what felt like collapsing, he cried out in shock and pain, not expecting something like that.

The process had started with his muscles but his legs soon gave off their respective snapping and crunching noises as his bones reworked themselves back into the old human shape. His pads vanished at the same time, back to his old rubbery skin, and his paws followed next with his fingers thinning out. Trembling slightly at the reverse transformation, his stomach started to feel upset, making him fear the possibility of throwing up as this went on.

Hearing a set of snaps and crunches from the bones in his face, Alex gasped as his muzzle began to shrink. His fangs pulled back and he could feel them reshape themselves as his jaws did the same, his muzzle stopping at half the old length with his teeth halfway back to normal.

The End

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