Chapter 11Mature

Growling lightly, Alex lunged at the animal and wrapped his massive arms around its body. His claws dug into the flesh of the neck and the ribs, and he could feel gashes opening up as the animal thrashed about. He lifted it a few inches with nearly zero effort but its baying in fear shook him out of the euphoria he was feeling.

The animal kept wriggling against his hold, causing his claws to rend more of it. He could almost hear them doing so. Swearing in his head, Alex felt panic rushing in as the animal’s blood ran over his paws.

Holding the doe’s neck, he grabbed its ribs again and clamped its mouth shut. The baying weakened to a muffled noise, covered by the other animals crying out in fear. Looking at the deer, and realizing what he was doing, Alex had to close his eyes to do anything more.

Biting into the doe’s neck, his fangs went through the muscle and tissue with barely any resistance. The iron taste of blood was in his mouth a second later; he’d hit a vessel. Leaving his jaws clamped as tight as he could, he was lost on what to do next. He’d passed the point of no return, and all he could do was let the animal bleed out. He was feeling an urge to kill it quickly, but his arms were shaking. Not helped by his nose smelling blood as well.

It was all Alex could do but just stand in the stable and listen, keeping his grip. The doe kept fighting him, even with his fangs in its throat and his claws between its ribs. The animals kept making noise all around him, but the few times he opened his eyes, he saw no one outside the enclosure.

The doe began to lose much of its stamina and it kicked less and less over however long Alex held onto it. He tightened his grip in case it was going for a last attempt to break free. It never came, and the animal started going limp in his arms.

Opening his eyes, Alex finally let go of the doe’s neck. Its head flopped in his grip, and on the floor of the enclosure near him was a pool of red gore. His heart pounding from adrenaline and fear, he dragged the carcass towards the railing and began climbing out.

Its legs clanged against the metal bars as he pulled it out and let it fall into the grass. The sound it made on impact shook him deep down. He fought back the feelings from it. He had to get away. Dragging the animal as fast as he could go while staying in the darkest areas made by the full moon, he stopped when he felt he was far enough away from the stable.

The End

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