Chapter 11Mature

Following the same initial path as the night before, Alex followed the creek in his neighborhood south for a while. He diverted towards a lengthy bridge that allowed access to his old middle school, which he had passed the last time while tracking the other werewolf. It lead to a few walking paths that would take him to the road he needed to reach, without risking much police detection.

Nearing a crossing for another street before that, he could hear a vehicle coming and backed up several steps. Once again, it was a police cruiser but not armed with any floodlights. As soon as it was far enough away, he continued on.

Taking this new route continued to reveal new scents along the way, each one he took notice of if it caught his attention. A few times, he could smell dogs nearby and was at times worried about making them react to him but most of them remained silent. While one did start making noise, making him jump in shock, a few listens later it was clear the dog was dreaming. What about he had no idea, but likely about chasing things.

Alex soon emerged from the back sidewalks and started towards his high school. He was less than a mile from his goal now. Some of the scents from the animals were also starting to reach him, carried on the east bound breezes. He could smell deer, cows, and a couple of horses along with a canine, the latter one making him nervous. He could easily fight it off but he was here only to kill to feed. Not to do it just because he could.

Approaching the stable after taking another route behind the school’s football field, and then the student parking lot, the scents of all the animals became far stronger. Of all the ones he could smell, the deer, likely a young one or a doe, seemed the most appealing target. Being in those stables, it would have nowhere to run and make it easier for him to take it down. Even with a lot of noise, he felt certain he could do this and get to a spot where he could feed without interruptions.

When he was within fifty feet of the stable, the silence of the night was broken by a few of the animals starting to get roused. The two horses from the sound of things. Wondering if they were just acting up or if they knew he was coming, Alex went down on all fours, into a near prone position, and crept up on the place.

The deer wasn’t far and he could tell almost exactly where it was. Three sections in starting from the closest to him. When he could see the doe inside the stable, her head barely up, Alex changed from going slow to moving faster, getting to his legs alone. Nearly sliding on the grass in front of the stable, he leapt the barrier for the doe’s area and landed inside, shifting on his feet to confront the animal as it awoke with a start.

The End

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