Chapter 11Mature

Each time it gurgled, his vessels felt drained and his blood pulled from his body towards his chest. The feeling wasn’t new to him; it was how severe it had become in such a short span of time that made his fur stand on end.

Looking at his bed and wishing he could just go to sleep and let things be, he was too worried to do it. What if he woke up and started scouring for food in the middle of the night, killing someone in the process? Or worse, eating them? He tried not to imagine the idea of losing control over hunger and killing someone to feed, much less what would happen to him if that came to light. He couldn’t do it.

As he tried to calm himself, sitting at the foot of his bed and refraining from moving, something crept into his head. If the other werewolf had gone after an animal on the full moon, what was stopping him from doing the same tonight? A good sized animal would easily fill him up and he was likely more than capable of killing live prey on his own.

Even with the full moon out, it was dark enough that barely anyone would see him moving around. All he would have to do was get over to Kempner’s stable, or one of the other animal markets in town, snatch one, maybe two, of the animals in or around the buildings, and feed until he was full.

His heart pounding against his ribs, Alex snapped himself back from the idea. With his claws running over his scalp, he started to tremble, frightened that he was considering the idea at all.

The more he thought about it however, the more sense it made. The police were still on the lookout for the animal responsible for those killings. If he did the same thing, they would likely write it off as the same creature doing the deed. He would be able to fill his stomach and then go to sleep in peace. Likely without the risk of going berserk in the middle of the night and leaving the one that turned him to take the blame. A win-win situation, with no one but him the wiser about it.

Licking his jaws, Alex headed outside and shut the window behind him, starting the several mile trek towards the location where the first animal had been slaughtered: his high school’s animal stable. None of the reports he found before had listed missing animals at the place since the last full moon, which meant it would likely be unguarded. At least he hoped. A killing as gruesome as the calf would get anyone’s attention.

The End

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