Chapter 11Mature

It didn’t take long before he heard a car driving nearby, but to his relief, it wasn’t the police. At least the first time. A few minutes later, one did drive by on a nearby road, the officer inside once again armed with a floodlight. Laying prone in the dirt until it passed by, Alex spent a while longer walking around and exploring, making sure to stay as far as possible from the roads.

Catching the scents of cooked meat in the air from somewhere north of him, he felt hungry for some meat again. Heading back to the house, the rest of the meat was quickly eaten. It didn’t fully satisfy him, but it seemed like enough to cover him for the rest of the night as long as he didn’t do anything strenuous.

Going back to playing on the XBOX again, a few hours ticked away. With his skateboard nearby, he could at least pretend to be kicking back after a long day riding, even if his paws felt strange against the fresh griptape.

Hearing his stomach starting to churn again around 9:25, he stopped playing, wondering what was going on. Heading to the kitchen again, he got a glass of milk, but as he tried to take a drink, he felt some hesitation to do so. It didn’t seem to satisfy him either, but for the time being he ignored it. He had treated himself to enough food for one day, a thought that was quickly broken as 9:45 came around.

The gurgling by then had gotten worse. To the point where he could feel his stomach moving under his paw with each grumble, and the vessels in his face and chest seeming to flush free of blood each time. Alex’s heart rate picked up as he returned to the kitchen, looking for some smaller snacks to tide him over. What little was left barely helped fill him up, and there were no more leftovers.

Aw, geez. Out of food and I’m still hungry.” Thinking he could still rest with a growling stomach, the strangeness of the whole event made him fearful of doing it. “There has to be something else I can fix.

Looking through the fridge and freezer again, he found nothing that he could fix quickly enough that was mostly meat. As if his mind and stomach were rejecting any notion of eating things beyond that, the stuff he could make was looking less and less appealing to him.

Stepping away from the fridge, he went for some water to try and fill the void again but stopped drinking well before the amount from last time.

Oh, shit. This can’t be good.” Alex thought, panic starting to surface. What was his body doing to him? He had eaten over four pounds of meat throughout the day, one of those very recently and not counting other foods. Yet his stomach was suddenly acting like he hadn’t eaten for half a day already.

No. Just let it go. I’ve eaten enough.” That was what Alex tried to tell himself, and follow through on for the next few minutes into the evening. His stomach however was relentless.

The End

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